Take a walk down East 4th & Media Row during RNC

Take walk in Media Row
Media Row (Source: WOIO)
Media Row (Source: WOIO)

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - If you're in downtown Cleveland this week, make sure you walk down East Fourth Street but be careful because you might just end up on TV -- in someone's live shot.

Several media outlets including MSNBC, CNN and Bloomberg Business have sets and crews in the pedestrian walkway. You can watch yourself on the big-screen TVs.

News and television outlets have gathered to create Media Row inside the East Gateway parking garage.

Media row at the RNC is where the media digs their heels and works.  It's where a lot of the writing is done, but more importantly it's where interviews are done with anyone who is anyone, delegates, "biggies" in the party, even celebrities.

Jason Rantz, with KIRO radio out of Seattle, is all smiles, "It's so exciting it hasn't quite sunk in yet!" He says he's enjoying Cleveland, been here since Friday, and like everyone else is anxious about what the days ahead hold, "Feeling is good so far, right now it
doesn't seem like there's any tension yet."

But he adds he does expect to see tension build as the sessions get started. He's here for the week, just enough time to get adjusted to the time change, and then head back to Seattle.

The 2016 Republican National Convention wraps up Thursday.

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