RNC 2016: Roll call vote confusion throws Q into frenzy

RNC 2016: Roll call vote confusion throws Q into frenzy
(Source: WOIO)
(Source: WOIO)

DOWNTOWN CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - The 2016 Republican National Convention got underway Monday afternoon.

The first official session with delegates began at 1 p.m. with the initial order of business being a moment of silence for the police officers killed in Baton Rouge, Dallas and more.

The Q was thrown into a frenzy around 4 p.m. when talk of a roll call vote swept across the arena.

A handful of states were almost successful in getting a roll call vote from the floor, causing loud chants and yelling. A number of states called for a vote, but three of them fell below the threshold to make the request for the petition vote.

Known as the "Never Trump" movement or the "Unbind the delegates" movement, the call is to allow the delegates to vote for the candidate of their choice as well as other amendments. It was their final attempt at withholding the nomination from Trump. Both sides were so loud during the voice vote, the Chair had to go to a second vote to differentiate from the "ayes" and "nays." He determined the "ayes" had it.

Cries of "Roll call!" continued inside of The Q.

Monday's theme is Make America Safe Again.

Donald Trump's wife Melania Trump is expected to speak later in the day, along with senators and representatives.

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