Can Cruz, Rubio rally around Trump?

Can Cruz, Rubio rally around Trump?

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Donald Trump will leave Cleveland at the end of this week with the Republican nomination, but there are other goals, including somehow how to unify the  party.

So, now that the convention is underway and the speaker lineup is set, it'll be interesting to hear what messages Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and Ben Carson will deliver.

Will they rally around Trump, or simply dissect Hillary Clinton? Will they call for party unity, or simply use this platform to further their personal ambitions down the road? And will their rhetoric bring voters together, and possibly soothe protesters, in this time of national disharmony?

Many Republicans didn't want to speak at this convention. They don't approve of Trump, and don't want to be associated with him. That includes our Governor, John Kasich.

But Cruz, Carson and Rubio have stepped up to the plate. We'll see who exactly that benefits.

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