Commentary: You'll even find Trump cereal on East 4th

Hyperlapse of bus trip from Convention Center to Q through secure lanes

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - If you don't have a pass to the big political show and you want to get a taste of the craziness and energy of the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, take a swing down Euclid Avenue to East 4th Street -- you'll get a pretty good sample compressed into just a few blocks.

For media gawking, stop by the MSNBC stage, where they're broadcasting live for much of the day. At lunchtime today I saw Andrea Mitchell interviewing Democratic National Convention Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schulz (not the most likely to be spotted at the RNC). Also, the line for credentialed media and delegates to get into The Q starts at Prospect and East 4th, so you might see your favorite media star stuck in line with the rest of us locals.

Today the line went for more than a block.

The people watching is great. Folks are handing out fliers, playing music, and lecturing through megaphones. They're also selling stuff.

My favorites today were two young men from New Jersey "financing their way through college" by selling "Trump Flakes" at $40 a box. The claim to have sold more than 400 boxes so far, and hope to sell out by Thursday.

There were plenty of vendors selling Trump buttons, T-shirts, pens, and flags. The vendor I spoke to said business was good. He said the biggest sellers are buttons (any three for $10) and bumper stickers. He thinks it will pick up as the convention gets going.

I didn't even have to move to get in a protest. As I was leaving, one came right down Prospect. East 4th is your one-stop shopping destination for an RNC experience.

By: Fred D'Ambrosi, News Director, Cleveland 19 News

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