Pro-Trump & anti-Trump campers stay together in harmony

Pro-Trump & anti-Trump campers stay together in harmony

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - About two dozen people camped out at Kirtland Park on the east side of Cleveland starting Sunday night. They came from all over the country to be in Cleveland, and they represent different views.

Coulter Loeb drove from Cincinnati to be in Cleveland for the convention. He followed the Occupy Wall Street movement, and now he's "occupying the RNC."

"Last night we had pro-Trump people, anti-Trump people all sitting in a circle, one guy playing the guitar. We were having a nice discussion. It actually has been surprising how positive the energy has been," Loeb said.

The city has allowed people to set up camp there for the next few days. They set up port-a-potties and a water station.

Loeb says police have checked on them at times and everything is going smoothly.

"This occupation exists to facilitate the First Amendment. It doesn't exist to tell people what to say," he said.

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