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Gun owners make presence known at Republican National Convention

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Joseph Moore doesn’t like what he’s seeing, as gun owners make their presence known around the Republican National Convention.

“I think the image can be somewhat negative,” he said. “Just walking about with a gun, especially one of those big AKs. I think that’s just absurd.”

Handguns carried in plain view were seen everywhere Monday, the first day of the convention, by out-of-towners supporting presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump and their right to carry guns.

Ohio's open carry law means people can carry them without any special training, provided they keep the firearm strapped to your body and don't unnecessarily point it at anyone or do anything else dangerous.

Two men from Pennsylvania didn’t understand what the big deal was.

“Back home it’s not really all that different than everyday life,” Joel Ameigh said.

Sam Kurek said he’s sure there’s people trying to make a statement, but he said he didn’t come to Cleveland to rub it in anyone’s face or stir up any trouble.

Jenny Salisbury has concerns, and said it’s scary when large groups of protesters get together, but doesn’t think the laws should be changed.

“The people that have an open carry permit are not the people you have to worry about,” she said.

One Cleveland police office said it makes him feel a little bit nervous. He said he understands the point they’re trying to make, but he would always prefer if police were the only ones with guns.

By Eric Flack, from WOIO’s sister station in Louisville

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