Those fighting to 'Dump Trump' handed knockout punch

Those fighting to 'Dump Trump' handed knockout punch

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - While it was mostly calm outside of The Q on Monday, it got quite heated inside the arena. It was a roll call that set off a fierce round of cat calls.

A vote to approve convention rules was met with loud protest by those who want to free delegates to vote for someone other than Donald Trump.

After a minutes-long outburst, the effort to dump Trump was handed what amounted to a knockout punch.

The raucous tone at the vote was a far cry from the mood of some as they came to the convention. Delegates from Louisiana and Texas came with heavy hearts, and are strongly in the corner of Trump's law and order stance. A Texas delegate told Cleveland 19 News that he supports Trump because of his pledge to focus on law and order. A Louisiana female delegate said she wore black in honor of the police slayings in Baton Rouge. She supports Trump because she feels he has an agenda to change the brokenness and really have healing.

In the evening hours, healing seemed to begin as the theme of the evening "Make America Safe Again" was hammered home by speaker after speaker.

The loudest cheers of the night came when Trump took the stage back lit by blinding light to introduce remarks by his wife. He took the stage to the Queen song "We are the Champions."

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