Vendors make early morning deliveries to the RNC

Vendors make early morning deliveries to the RNC
Mike Beder with Treet City Bakery in Kent making deliveries to Media Row at the RNC. (Source: WOIO)

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - The RNC is happening 24 hours a day this week, including a 4 a.m. delivery to Media Row.

Mike Beder from Tree City Bakery in Kent was up early, delivering baked goodness to the convention.

"It's fun and interesting, and amazing to see how this all comes together," says Beder.

Not only does he get a cool behind the scenes look at it all as one of the chosen vendors, he's also thrilled with the business he's getting from the RNC.

"I did three to four times what I expected to do," he says, unloading boxes and boxes of cookies and scones to the Google host center for those working hard on media row.

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