Bob Schieffer on what impressed him so much about Cleveland

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - CBS News contributor Bob Schieffer is in Cleveland this week for the GOP convention.

Covering his 24th convention Schieffer got choked up when asked what he will remember most about Cleveland.

"One of the most memorable things about Cleveland that I will remember. A group of police officers on bikes it had to be about 50 of them drove by I was at a restaurant on the lake. It was so spontaneous everyone stood up and applauded the officers I think that says what kind of a town this is," said Schieffer through tears.

He was also asked about Melania Trump's speech and the fact that the Trump campaign didn't fire anyone over it.

"This is a candidate who doesn't apologize for anything. It was a mistake and I'm sure it wasn't Melania that caused it, they need to apologize and move on with it," added Schieffer.

Melania Trump's speech Monday night has been under fire. Many allege she lifted parts of it from one Michelle Obama gave to the Democratic National Convention in 2008.

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