Donald Trump vendors are capitalizing on candidate, but not voting for him: RNC profiles

Trump Whoopee cushions: RNC profiles

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - It isn't the case for every person selling Donald Trump gear in Cleveland during the Republican National Convention, but some are capitalizing on the presumptive candidate instead of voting for him.

North Carolina buddies Dan Schad and Neal Zipser stood tall among shuffling delegates and media in sparkly Uncle Sam hats. The two vendors are cashing-in on hype surrounding Donald Trump, but have no plans to vote for him. They created plush dolls that poke fun at this year's divisive politics: an elephant and donkey each in Uncle Sam garb.

"If the election was today, I wouldn't vote for Donald Trump," Schad said. "But there is some time to change my mind."

His business partner echoed his remarks.

"Thanks to Donald Trump being politically incorrect, it's kind of in again. So we came up with politically incorrect dolls," Schad said, who took time off from his full-time job to travel to Cleveland.

"We have demented minds and are politically incorrect people, so we felt like jumping on the bandwagon of political incorrectness," he said.

The opportunity is only sometimes about politics for the dozens of vendors lining the streets around the Quicken Loans Arena, a phenomenon that even during a significant turning point for the country's future, politics is often about money.

In the wave of T-shirts and buttons bashing the Democratic nominee, there are a handful of items striking back, offering tongue-in-cheek criticism of Trump, like whoopee cushions with the Republican's face on them.

Trump's "inflated ego" inspired Hume to create the inflatable cushions, back in his California home.

His greatest fear: that Trump and Congressional Republicans win elections in November.

"This is my way of having fun and raising awareness," said Hume. "The idea was to make humor out of tragedy."

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