Trade for Chapman or Miller? No. Get Chapman AND Miller

Trade for Chapman or Miller? No. Get Chapman AND Miller

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - I usually hate making blockbuster trades in July because they do not seem to pan out. Rarely does the team that "wins" the trade deadline actually win the World Series. That said, this is a year I would hope the Tribe is considering it. The blockbuster I have in mind does not involve getting that big-time power hitter that a part of the Indians fan base has been clamoring for for years. I want a bullpen blockbuster. I don't want just Andrew Miller or Aroldis Chapman from the Yankees, I want both of them.

The Indians have pulled the trigger on a huge deal before. The Ubaldo Jimenez trade was probably the biggest deal of the 2012 trading period, and it was the kind of trade that some critics would say the Tribe never make- involving multiple prized prospects. To get Miller and Chapman you would not even need to trade as much as they did for Jimenez. Chapman is a free agent at the end of the year, Miller is under contract through 2018. He is the guy that will really drive the value up the value of the prospects you'd have to surrender in that trade.

The Indians farm system is legitimately good, and I usually do not like trading from it because player development is how they have to flourish. However, the endgame is not to have a great system, it is to win the World Series. We all know how good this rotation is. If you're still doubting the offense after nearly four months, get over being wrong and embrace it.  This team has a championship caliber rotation, offense and manager. A bullpen of, in no particular order of innings, Chapman, Miller, Allen and Shaw, followed by their other pieces would be incredible. It would also give them some protection from an injury.

If the Yankees say they want Zimmer and Frazier, hang up the phone. But I hope they're at least calling. Opportunities to win the World Series do not come around every year. It would behoove them to explore every avenue to make this season's chance count.

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