Here's Hillary Clinton's response to Donald Trump's nomination

Here's Hillary Clinton's response to Donald Trump's nomination

CUYAHOGA COUNTY, OH (WOIO) - One by one, states were called and the delegates cast their votes. Everyone knew Donald Trump would end Tuesday night as the Republican nominee for President, but it was exciting watching him climb towards the 1,237 votes needed to make it official.

Hillary Clinton will get her turn next week.

In the meantime, she reacted to Trump's nomination with a tweet that read: "Donald Trump just became the Republican nominee. Chip in now to make sure he never steps foot in the Oval Office."

We'll see what happens come November. But on Day 2 of the RNC, Trump took another step closer.

Not surprisingly, not all of the states were on board with Trump. Ohio cast all of its 66 votes for Gov. John Kasich, Michigan passed, and Colorado was booed for, well, being against the whole Trump idea from the beginning.

New York also passed, until it was time to put Trump over the top. Then his son Donald Jr. delivered the vote count before yelling: "Congratulations Dad, we love you!"

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