Z Files: Should Browns be looking at Foles for QB?

Z Files: Should Browns be looking at Foles for QB?

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - For one season, Nick Foles was the best quarterback in the NFL -- statistically, anyway.

The former Eagles QB threw for 27 touchdowns and only two interceptions in 2013, earning multiple accolades and a trip to the Pro Bowl. But a not-so-funny thing happened on the way to the Hall of Fame: The wheels fell off. The following year he broke his collarbone, was eventually traded to the Rams, he struggled, he was benched, and he watched his team draft Jared Goff first overall in this year's NFL Draft.

That brings us to now.

On Wednesday, Foles asked for and was granted his release by the Rams, a team that just paid him $14 million in guaranteed money a year ago.

He's officially on the market, and I know one team in our own backyard that should give him a look. In fact, it'd be ironic if the Browns made a run at Foles; three years ago, before his Pro Bowl season, then-Browns CEO Joe Banner tried to trade Josh Gordon to Philadelphia for Foles. The deal, of course, didn't go down, but now, Foles is available and could come cheap.

Foles likely has other teams on his radar. He didn't orchestrate an exit from Los Angeles without having options. But why wouldn't the Browns' situation interest him?

Hue Jackson is known for developing quarterbacks. From the Browns' standpoint, yes they've moved forward through the mini-camps with Robert Griffin III, but he's far from a sure thing, and Josh McCown is far from a franchise quarterback.

Compare Foles and RG3. They've each made 35 starts, and the numbers break down like this:

FOLES                              GRIFFIN
35                STARTS             35
19-16             W-L                 14-21
60.2%         COMP PCT        63.9%
1230            PASS YDS         1063
53              TD PASSES         40
27                INT                      23

Neither quarterback has been able to recapture the one-season magic they showed a few years ago, but both deserve a look. The Browns are starting from scratch again. If Foles is interested, they should bring him in.

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