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Stow, Munroe Falls schools bring in portable A/C units to keep cool


Giant, white portable air conditioning units sit outside Highland Elementary School in Stow. Inside the building, the cool air the machines generate works wonders for students and staff.

"It was hard to be in the building, especially if you were in an upstairs classroom. Now, at any point in time, the temperature is essentially comfortable no matter where you're at," said Lakeview Intermediate School Principal Andrew Yanchunas.

Stow-Munroe Falls City Schools added multiple air conditioning units to six older schools that didn't have air conditioning.

"We had reports of migraines, children who would stay home, parents would keep them home because they didn't want to deal with the heat," said Stow-Munroe Falls Director of Operations Mark Fritz.

Fritz said last year he measured classroom temperatures of more than 90 degrees, which took a toll on kids.

"We have had occasions where kids would get heat sickness or throw up from the heat because it’s gotten so hot," said Yanchunas.

The district knew it needed to make a change. 

"We had poor academic performances because the heat was high and humidity was high, so kids really weren't learning," said Fritz. 

The district took a unique approach by renting portable air conditioning units usually used at construction sites. The duct work gets attached through second floor windows.

"We put them on the second floor on these buildings because cool air drops," said Fritz.

Inside the schools, fans line the hallways to push the cool air around, which makes for a comfortable learning environment no matter how hot it gets outside.

"It's made teachers happier and the kids are able to perform at their best," said Principal Yanchunas.

Stow-Munroe Falls City Schools rented the air conditioning units from August 15 through the end of September. The district worked the units into the budget for five years. 

When asked about the cost of the units, Fritz said it's "pretty reasonable considering what it's doing."

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