Browns QB Cody Kessler cramming for first big test as a pro

Browns QB Cody Kessler cramming for first big test as a pro
Cody Kessler (Source: Erik Drost, Wikipedia Commons)

BEREA, OH (WOIO) - Quarterback Cody Kessler is no longer at USC, but he has a big test on Sunday against Miami. And he is cramming.

"Monday, we stayed here until probably about 10 p.m. Then I was here watching film and getting the game plan in, same thing, got here pretty early and didn't leave till about 10 p.m. again," the rookie said Wednesday before practice.

The Dolphins have already injured two quarterbacks this year. Seattle's Russell Wilson stayed in the game, but picked up a bad ankle. New England's Jimmy Garoppolo went down with a shoulder injury on Sunday.

"I've watched both games about six or seven times now," said Kessler. "Something you didn't see the first time maybe sticks out the second time or third time, different indicators."

Kessler will need to get rid of the ball quickly. Dolphin defenders will be looking to pressure and sack the rookie as much as possible.

"You have to be smart with it, you cannot hold on to the football," he said. "You've got to go through your reads and if it's not there, throw it away."

Throwing away is better than a sack or a turnover -- two things Kessler has to avoid if he wants to give the Browns a chance to win in South Florida on Sunday.

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