What happens if your prescription comes up short?

What happens if your prescription comes up short?

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - What happens if your prescription comes up short? We've asked several areas drug store chains for advice and if they support Ohio Senate Bill 319, which would require the licensure of pharmacy technicians.

WALGREENS: "Any patient who believes their prescription was not properly filled is encouraged to return their prescription bottle to Walgreens and Walgreens will investigate the matter. In answer to your question about proposed legislation on the licensing of pharmacy technicians, we have taken no position on the proposal."

DISCOUNT DRUG MART: "Discount Drug Mart has several safeguards in place to ensure patients receive the appropriate amount of medication.  In the rare event a patient feels he or she did not receive the correct amount of medication, we recommend that he or she call and speak to the pharmacist as soon as possible so we can investigate the claim. Discount Drug Mart supports any legislation that helps maintain and elevate the high standards and integrity of the profession of pharmacy and strives to ensure public safety.  Senate Bill 319, which introduces a system of registration through the State Board of Pharmacy, reinforces Discount Drug Mart's existing policies regarding the hiring and vetting of Pharmacy Technicians."

RITE AID: "Since we don't know the specifics of the investigation, it's difficult to comment directly, however, we do have very strict measures in place to prevent and monitor all types of theft. We also work closely with the Ohio Board of Pharmacy to investigate any instances of drug diversion. Regarding proposed Ohio Senate Bill 319, Rite Aid does support the registration of pharmacy technicians."

GIANT EAGLE: "The Giant Eagle Pharmacy abides all local, state and federal laws regarding responsible prescription dispensing. While not licensed by the State, Ohio Giant Eagle pharmacy technicians must pass an approved Ohio qualification exam before being able to service our customers. We invite any customers with questions about the prescriptions they receive to contact their local Giant Eagle pharmacy." - Dan Donovan, Director, Corporate Communications, Giant Eagle

CVS: Still waiting for comment

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