3 strategies to protect yourself from identity theft

3 strategies to protect yourself from identity theft

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Identity fraud will never happen to me is a common thought, but every two seconds someone in the United States becomes a victim of identity fraud.

October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month. The Better Business Bureau is taking action with the White House, and the National Cyber Security Alliance to kick off the "Lock Down Your Login" campaign today. The campaign focuses on strategies you've never heard of to protect yourself since usernames and passwords are not strong enough alone.

There are the three highlighted strategies that utilize strong authentication. That means there is an added step to make sure YOU are the one logging in.

1) Security Key: This is a small device plugged into the USB port that you have in your possession while logging in.

2) Biometric: This is using your fingerprint or camera, typically on smartphones or laptops.

3) One-time Code: This is a unique code that you enter into a website after it is sent to you via text or e-mail.

For more information visit website, Lock Down Your Login.

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