Mike Pence speaks at town hall meeting in Strongsville

Pence knows the importance of Ohio

STRONGSVILLE, OH (WOIO) - The Trump political machine rolled into northeast Ohio Friday.

Republican vice presidential nominee Mike Pence made a stop in Strongsville.

Pence, the running mate of Donald Trump, spoke at a town hall meeting at the Strongsville Recreation and Senior Center.

It's almost a too close to call race in Ohio. The polls are up and down for the Trump/Pence ticket.

"We're going to lower business taxes in America so businesses here in Ohio can create jobs here in the Buckeye State," said Pence.

The vice-presidential candidate continued to stress Donald Trump's goal, that is to "Make America Great Again."

"Day one of the Trump/Pence administration Donald Trump is going to sign a moratorium on new federal regulation and he's going to repeal every executive
order that is stifling growth and jobs in this economy signed by President Barack Obama," Pence added.


The Pence message in Strongsville hit familiar themes throughout his stump speech.

"We're electing a president for the next four years, but that president will probably set the course and destiny of the Supreme Court of the United
States for the next 40-years," said Pence.

Pence called on supporters to stand with Trump/Pence on national security, the right to keep and bear arms, first amendment rights, as well as
'those of us who cherish the rule of law and the sanctity of human life.'

The audience was receptive of Pence's message, standing, applauding and voicing their approval.

Among those liking the Pence message is Trump supporter Colleen Crowley.

"I think he's just wonderful. I think he's a god-fearing, good Catholic man that allows god and his faith to lead him and his family and he's going to be helping to save this country," Crowley said.

Gene Moore is another Trump supporter at the rally in Strongsville.

"If they don't have the answers we're all in trouble cause Hillary sure doesn't," Moore expressed.

Mike Pence didn't leave his democratic opponent out of his speech.

"Hillary Clinton uses technology to destroy nearly 18,000 emails.  I'm old enough to remember a president who erased 18.5 minutes of tape and was run out of Washington, D.C.," Pence quipped.

That president was Republican, President Richard Nixon who resigned in 1974.

Now, the Trump/Pence ticket hopes to keep Democrat Hillary Clinton from ever occupying The White House again and they're asking Ohioans to help.

Trump will next make a stop in Ohio on Oct. 13, speaking at a rally at the U.S. Bank Arena in Cincinnati.

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