Lockdown over police threat ended at Wadsworth City Schools

Lockdown over police threat ended at Wadsworth City Schools

WADSWORTH, OH (WOIO) - Wadsworth City Schools were put on lockdown Friday morning shortly before 10 a.m. after the police department received a phone call that indicated a threat to the high school.

Police said a woman received a message on her phone saying there was an intruder in the school and called the police. Police searched all the buildings and determined there was no intruder.

The superintendent announced the lockdown on Facebook, saying that they had placed all the buildings on lockdown as a "precaution."

"We have secured all of our buildings and determined that there is no threat; we do not believe there ever was a threat to begin with," he wrote. "The purpose of this message is not to alarm but rather to inform."

The police ended the lockdown later that morning. An investigation revealed that the threatening call originated from near Wellsville High School in Wellsville, Ohio. Around the time the call was received, the school was doing a mock intruder drill. Police say the call does not appear to have been intentional and there was never a threat to the schools.

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