With elevator out a man with bum ankle can't get to 6th floor apartment

With elevator out a man with bum ankle can't get to 6th floor apartment

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Mike Leigh has a lot of trouble getting around these days. He's got a badly sprained ankle.

That is problem enough, but a sign on his apartment building creates a larger problem. It says elevator repairs on the only elevator began today [Monday].

He knew about it but when he hurt his ankle he asked if the elevator work could be delayed till he heals up. He says the project has been delayed before but he got no help this time.

"I had no recourse, I mean I have no family I had no one I could call so I called the man, I called Orlo [a reference to Cleveland 19 Investigative Unit reporter Paul Orlousky]," said Mike Leigh.

We rang the apartment of Board of Trustees head Patricia Tyler and got an giggling response from a woman who said she wasn't there.

A message from Patricia Tyler over the weekend stated, "I don't feel sorry for him. Everyone else made arrangements, he can too."

By phone we got basically the same response.

Mike had trouble going up one step get to the the back door. To get from the ground up to the sixth floor he'd have to navigate 64. He said he's trying to be reasonable.

"If I was on the second floor believe me with my mentality I wouldn't have even called you, I would have made it up to the second floor," Leigh said.

In Mike's apartment he's stocked up a freezer full of food and bottled water. While in Mike's apartment an elevator repair company showed up outside.

"I have nowhere that I could go I'm just virtually stuck. I mean believe me if I could find any alternative I would not have even bothered you," added Leigh.

The good news is that his ankle feels a bit better each day. But his fear is a fire extinguisher is no help if he has to evacuate down six flights.

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