Hit/skip victim would have turned 16 today, family still mourns

Hit/skip victim would have turned 16 today, family still mourns

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - It's been a little more than a year since a teen girl was hit and killed on Carnegie Ave. The suspect has never been found.

Today is Chelsea Hill's birthday.

Mildred Banks is Chelsea's grandmother.

"It's not going to bring her back but it will help our hearts ease a little bit, the pain will be a little bit less," said Banks.

Not even tears can wash away the pain of losing a child. Chelsea Hill's family are still reeling from that night when their precious Chelsea was hit on 40th and Carnegie and the driver just kept on going, leaving her there to die alone in the street at 1 a.m. No one to hold her hand and say hang in there baby, help is coming. No one to say I love you, no one to comfort her as she drew her last breath.

A very tearful mother, Annette Hill, laments not having more time with her daughter Chelsea.

"Only 15 years that's not enough time.  I just want justice for my baby. Whoever done this I hope you they see this and they realize how much pain they got me and my family going through, what we're going through every day," Hill added.

Today, they gathered at her grave on what would have been Chelsea's Sweet 16th. Instead of singing happy birthday they prayed and released balloons, hoping for the hit/skip driver to come forward.

"Just celebrating a birthday with someone her this way. It's not supposed to be this way," said Banks.

Surveillance video points to a well maintained 2000-or newer, dark colored car with noticeable damage to the right front area, specifically
then headlight and fog assembly.

Police need your help to get justice for Chelsea.

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