Rocky River carjacking victim says she was followed from the Cleveland Clinic

Rocky River woman carjacked at gunpoint

ROCKY RIVER, OH (WOIO) - A carjacking victim's grandmother said that her granddaughter thought she had been followed all the way from the Cleveland Clinic, where she works, to Rocky River, where she was robbed of her car at gunpoint.

Diane Capuano, 26, told Rocky River police she had just arrived at her grandmother's house on Nantucket Row when she was approached by two men -- one put a gun to her head.

Capuano said that she was told, "Give me all your money."

According to the police report, when Capuano told the men she didn't have any money to give them, they snatched her keys and took off with her dark blue 2004 Honda Civic, license plate number FXY2455.

Neighbors in the upscale Rocky River neighborhood where the incident happened say they are being extra vigilant, but that because the victim says she was followed, the carjacking could have happened anywhere.

"It was dark, you know, that's another thing, and then to pull in here, and wow. She must have been scared to death. A gun to her head," said Nancy Schupp,
a neighbor.

The description of the suspects is vague. Rocky River Police are still investigating.

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