Clevelanders not happy after TBS disses the City

Clevelanders not happy after TBS disses the City
(Source: Rhonda Jean)
(Source: Rhonda Jean)

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - "What happened decades ago doesn't reflect where we are today," stated Mary Maline.

That's part of what Mary Maline had to say about TBS mocking Cleveland. She is "CLE proud!"

"I grew up here, born and raised. So, the sports, the history everything behind Cleveland. When you grow up here you love it," Maline added.

She is far from the only one that. "Oh how do I love thee, let me count the ways," Damon Sims said.

Sims of Cleveland is loud and proud, "I love Cleveland because it has everything the world has to offer. But, it still retains a family feel to it. That's what makes Cleveland special."

Sims didn't like what the TBS crew did last night, either.

"To take a shot at a city making a comeback. That just goes to show they have been here in long time," Sims said. "It's our time now."

That's how Isaac Terron feels and TBS needs to understand that we Clevelanders stand together, that we're 'All in' all the time.

"My love of Cleveland is we have a great city here. We have the sports, The Browns, The Indians, The Cavaliers," said Issac Terron. "We've gone through heartbreak and just being a part of a group of people following these teams  through thick and thin, watching them win is very exciting."

It doesn't matter who I talked with, everybody is in love with this town.

Bonnie Brown also loves C-town.

"I'm just so excited that we're going to kick butt. All the way. Go Cleveland. We rock!" yelled Brown.

We are not called Greater Cleveland for nothing. We Rally Together. TBS has reportedly apologized for disrespecting Cleveland.

"Cleveland is a great city and we regret the use of the image. We look forward to putting the focus back on an exciting ALCS."
Source: Turner Sports spokesperson

That's not good enough unless they do it on national TV just like they did when they dissed us. Go Cleveland, Go Tribe!

The team takes on Toronto on Friday in Cleveland at Progressive Field.

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