Cuyahoga Heights students chant 'We want Evans' in support of superintendent on leave

Cuyahoga Heights High School students chant 'We want Evans'

CUYAHOGA HEIGHTS, OH (WOIO) - Several students at Cuyahoga Heights High School were chanting the phrase "We want Evans" while hitting tables in the cafeteria on Wednesday.

The moment was capture on Twitter Wednesday by Jasmine Adkins and then deleted shortly after Cleveland 19 contacted the school district about it.

The"Evans" the students are chanting about refers to the district's superintendent Tom Evans. He was placed on paid administrative leave about 10 weeks ago for no publicly stated reason. He remains on leave.

A representative said the district does not make comments on "individual student matters."

The school board initially stated they thought the investigation into superintendent Evans would take four weeks. The superintendent has now been on leave for more than twice that amount of time.

During Tuesday night's school board meeting, the four board members were given the results of the investigation, but made no decision about his status at the district.

That decision to not make a decision inspired frustration and anger from the dozens gathered at the meeting. Yells came from the crowd for board president, and Cleveland Clinic doctor, Holly Thacker to resign. Then there were yells for all four board members to resign.

The board has scheduled another school board meeting Thursday where they will finish interviewing candidates for a vacant school board position. The person selected will replace Jim Lawrence, a board member who often served as a tie breaker on the five member board, who resigned last month saying his board duties were keeping him from being a "family man."

There are 11 applicants for the vacant school board seat, that's compared to a reported two applicants for the previous mid-term board vacancy at Cuyahoga Heights.

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