Google searches for "write in" spiking ahead of 2016 election

Google searches for "write in" spiking ahead of 2016 election
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CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Dissatisfied voters are now searching for alternate options ahead of November's election, which is less than a month away. Google Trends shows that, recently, and especially in the past seven days, searches for "write-in" have been increasing.

According to CNN, Google searches for "write-in" have risen in the U.S. in the past week by more than 2,800 percent, while candidate specific searches "write-in Bernie Sanders" and "write-in Mike Pence" have spike by 2,750 percent and 2,400 percent, respectively.

In Ohio specifically, searches for "write in" have increased over the past week. Although correlation does not necessarily mean causation, the spike does coincide with the release of tapes of Donald Trump making lewd comments about women and with the Wikileaks release of more of Hillary Clinton's deleted emails.

Searches for Bernie Sanders, the Vermont senator who faced off against Clinton for the Democratic nomination, have also been increasing in the state.

Meanwhile, searches for "write in Mike Pence" spiked around the release of Trump's tape and the subsequent debate, but have calmed since then.

Again, correlation does not mean causation, but the apparent increase in searches for "write in" as the contentious election nears could indicate that this election will see an increase in the number of non-nominee votes. 2012 had the highest number of write-in votes for an election thus far, with write-ins accounting for 0.11 percent of the vote.

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