Murdered transgender woman was developmentally delayed, family says

Murdered transgender woman was developmentally delayed, family says

DOWNTOWN CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Cleveland police say they have not made any arrests yet in the case of a transgender woman whose body was found in a driveway behind a home on Drexel Avenue in Cleveland on Saturday.

Brandi "Chill" Bledsoe, 32, had suffered head trauma, officials say.

Bledsoe's aunt, Andrea Craggett, says she doesn't know anyone who would want to hurt her transgender niece who also had developmental disabilities.

Craggett says Bledsoe had told her family in the last year that she was transgender.

"My soul desire is that whoever did this to my baby, that they find them because he was too kind," Craggett said. "His personality -- he was trusting, and then I think some of his delayedness made him even more trusting, and I think that maybe he got into a situation that he wasn't prepared for."

Bledsoe had also recently moved out on her own for the first time.

"It was a very proud day for him. He found his apartment on his own. That was probably one of the happiest days," said Craggett.

The way Bledsoe died is hard enough for her family to take, and the fact that the killer is still out there makes everything more painful.

"That was my baby before I had babies. I have two sons, and that was my baby regardless," Craggett said.

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