Soldier killed in Pearl Harbor honored at Elyria burial

Soldier killed in Pearl Harbor honored at Elyria burial

ELYRIA, OH (WOIO) - There's no sadder sound than taps, but that sound also signals honor for giving the last full measure of devotion to your country. This was the case for navy hero Rudolph Victor Piskuran, who was killed aboard the USS Oklahoma when Pearl Harbor was attacked, a day that lives in infamy.

Piskuran's body was flown back to Cleveland on Thursday, with a Friday burial.

Shots were fired by an honor guard at the Elyria gravesite of this local fallen hero. The fire of patriotism can never be extinguished as long as "we the people" never forget what price was paid.

When the Japanese bombs rained down on Pearl Harbor, a young Piskuran, now a Purple Heart recipient, was among the 429 sailors who died. In all, 2,403, lives were lost.  Today, nearly 75 years later, Rudy's remains were brought home to the Elyria he loved.

As the solemn burial ceremony at St. Mary's Cemetery on Lake Ave in Elyria was taking place, a family members said, "It's such a tribute to bring him home and lay him next to his parents, whom he loved and longed to be reunited with."

Ole Glory was folded with utmost care and handed to his proud and grateful family.

"I can only image that Rudy was like so many other young people in those days who wanted to do their part to serve and protect our country knowing the world was no longer at peace," a navy officer said of Piskuran.

His remains are now finally in a place where family can come to pray and honor him, a place of peace and quiet. A place where no bombs will fall. A place where, even as his body lay buried, his memory stands tall, proud and brave.

"I am thankful that we're all gathered today to pay last respects to a great American and United States sailor. Rest in peace shipmate, we have the watch."

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