Gary the Numbers Guy talks Indians' chance of making it to the World Series

Gary the Numbers Guy talks Indians, Browns chances of winning

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Gary the Numbers Guy talked to Cleveland 19 News about the chances of the Indians winning the World Series, and he says that, while there are a lot of positive signs for the Tribe, it's not a guarantee.

Gary previously talked to Cleveland 19 during the NBA finals, where he correctly predicted that the Cavs would win the championship long before anyone else. Part of the reason, he says, comes from Kyrie Irving's 1992 birth year, which was the Year of the Monkey. 2016 is also the Year of the Monkey, he says, which gave Irving an edge over other players like Steph Curry.

For the Indians, the Year of the Monkey is a good year. 1920, the year of their first World Series title, was the Year of the Monkey, and manager Terry Francona's 2004 World Series win with the Boston Red Sox was as well.

Francona was also the manager of the Red Sox in 2007, when they won the World Series. The numbers in 2007 add up to nine, just like the numbers in 2016 and Cleveland area code 216 add up to.

However, the Toronto Blue Jays also have a few favorable numbers. The last time they won the World Series was in 1992, also the Year of the Monkey.

He also warned Indians players to be careful of the Blue Jays' Jose Bautista, who was born on 10/19/1980, a Monkey Year.

"I wouldn't even pitch to him," he said.

Gary predicts that, if the Indians made it to the World Series, they would be facing off against the Cubs, who last won the World Series in 1908. The numbers in 1908 add up to 18, while the numbers in 18 add up to nine. The Cubs also last won 108 years ago, which also adds up to nine.

Although Gary won't give any guarantees for the Indians making it to the World Series, he seems much more hopeful about the team than he is about the Cleveland Browns.

"The Browns have a good chance of going 0-16," he said. "Numbers are numbers and they do not lie."


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