Indians fans feel parking pain downtown

Indians fans feel parking pain downtown

DOWNTOWN CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - While Indians fans were excited about the outcome of Saturday's game, their thoughts on parking were a different story.

Patrick McAllen loves to see the Indians play but he says he's not a fan of game day inflation for parking

"It's outrageous, let's be honest," said McAllen. "People wonder why these games don't sell out and its because of the amount of what it cost to park around here."

On Saturday a spot across from Progressive cost $50, while other lots near and around East 9th were around $40.

McAllen paid $40 to park at the Casino. He reasoned that the cost also bought him convenience.

"It's close, and it's the easiest exit," he said. "You can get out of there real quick where as you can save $20 but wait 45 minutes to get out of there."

Allison Collins says she also parked at the casino, but took advantage of a deal to save money.

"I think $40 to park on top of the price of tickets is pretty expensive," she said. "It was $40 to park but we went to the Casino so it was free."

One parking lot employee told Cleveland 19 that prices today are about three times higher than what you would typically see during the week.

Scott Sieber agreed that there's a parking surge on the weekend, which is why he avoids it by taking the train.

"I spent 5.50 for the Rapid round trip," said Sieber.

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