Diet plan uses faith and wellness to lose weight

Pastor discusses new diet plan that uses faith and wellness to improve health

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - There are dozens of weight loss plans out there. How about a new diet based on faith? That's what the Daniel Plan is all about, based on the Book of Daniel in the Bible, where Daniel forgoes feast and chooses to prove well-being can be had by simply eating what you need.

A dietician at the Cleveland Clinic designed the program and put it to the test at several northeast Ohio churches. It seems to be doing the job. Church groups practice the diet by having regular meetings where they call on their faith and knowledge of basic nutrition to help veer then from bad eating habits.

It's a 40-day program and those who took part report not only losing weight but, also finding more energy, and getting healthier to the point where they can eliminate many medications.

Pastor Vickie Sorrells with Lee Heights Community church put it to the test with her congregation this summer.

"I have to look at what God says about my body, what God says about how I should take care of it, what choices I should be making, what goals I should
have," said Pastor Sorrells.

She said part of it is to use your belief to steer away from the temptation of being gluttonous, and understand your body is your temple on loan from the Lord and has to be taken care of as He would want it taken care of.

The Clinic is launching the program again this fall and will be monitoring the progress of those participating by keeping track of important numbers, such as weight, blood pressure and glucose levels.

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