Hundreds pay their final respects to teenaged Mr. Hero robbery victim

Hundreds pay their final respects to teenaged Mr. Hero robbery victim

PARMA, OH (WOIO) - Family, friends, fellow employees and members of the community paid their final respects to 15-year-old Sunny Ravi Patel at the Busch Funeral home on Ridge Road in Parma.

According to Cleveland Heights Police, Sunny was shot in the head and killed by a gunman who came into Patel's family-owned Mr. Hero on Friday.  Police said the gunman stole the money in the cash register after shooting the teen.

"He was one of the brightest, most intelligent kids I'd ever met," said Leon Nack, who worked at Mr. Hero over the summer.

Nack said he never worried about crime at that Mr. Hero.

"It's a good area, good people, and this seems like such a - like I'm still in shock that Sunny of all people - because he was so sweet and intelligent and young, you know?" added Nack.

Classmates of Sunny's from Mayfield High School, where he was a sophomore, also came to pay their final respects.

"He was in one of my classes - second period world history - and I couldn't go in that class today because I felt like his presence was still there," said Emmanuel Betts, who is also a sophomore at Mayfield High.

"He was always helping people - no matter what, helped you with your problems, just a really nice person," said Colin Funk, friend and fellow classmate of Patel.

Madison Basak said Sunny's name matched who he was.

"He always brightened up the classroom. He always made people laugh. He was such an amazing person," said Basak.

Cleveland Heights police have a person in custody.  The suspect's name has not yet been released.


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