Mom follows her dream to success through a lens

Mom follows her dream to success through a lens

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Through the lens of the camera, Brea Schmidt is living her dream. But, it was another dream she pursued that eventually led her to her passion of photography.

"It was a lot of hours. So you started your day at 8 a.m, sometimes 7 a.m. and if you had a game you were working the whole way through it. So it was definitely a demanding job, but at that time in my life I welcomed it," said Brea Schmidt.

Brea worked in sales for the Cavs for five years, something this former athlete moved to Cleveland for and says she had always longed to do. She says she loved her job with the organization and the people who she still considers family.

But, it wasn't until a difficult time in her life she says when she had a miscarriage that she realized that she needed to listen to her gut.

"It was a trying time in my life and for some reason I was moving so fast that I couldn't even really process what was going on," said Schmidt.

Six weeks later Brea and her husband got pregnant again and that she says, began another chapter in her life.

"I just felt like it was somebody's way of saying, like hey this is a new time in your life and it's time. It's time to focus on you and focus on the things you're passionate about and that's when that gut started pushing me towards that door that I've always known was there," said Schmidt.

That door led her to pursuing her photography career. So she traded in her beloved Cavs job that brought her success and happiness.

Now, Brea, several months pregnant did what many of us are afraid to do, listen to our inner voice and act on making a change. She admits it was scary at first but, knew in her heart she had to go for it.

"I've always loved photography. I've always loved pictures and the way that they can kind of freeze sights and sounds," said Schmidt.

Photography By Brea, a business now five years in the making, has allowed her to personally connect with the families she takes pictures of. She makes it more than what she calls a photo shoot, able to relate to their busy lives and being a part of that captured moment that they always have to look back on.

"I just put myself in their shoes and know what a struggle it is to be a parent in today's world and I just have this really cool responsibility and privilege of getting to help a family just see everything that is good about them and their parenting," expressed Schmidt.

Brea says she blessed that her photography along with her blog helps to encourage other women to share their thoughts and feelings by opening up, letting their guard down.

She said moms even share that they sometimes feel pressure to always be perfect.

"When that mom calls me and says you helped me see the thing that is good when I question myself now I have this picture to look at," said Schmidt.

Now this mother of three says pursuing her dream has helped touch others lives by capturing precious moments, and proving that listening to your inner voice can guide you down the road to success.

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