Cleveland wears Indians name, logo during Game 3

Cleveland wears Indians name, logo during Game 3

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Throughout Cleveland it's tough not to spot Chief Wahoo, he's on banners, baseball caps and the sleeves of the player's jerseys Monday night during the game.

"It's everywhere. Chief Wahoo is part of the team, it's part of the city," said Cleveland Indians fan Alok Harwani.

However, Chief Wahoo is one symbol of the city not everyone agrees on, including American Indian Movement of Ohio's Executive Director Philip Yenyo.

"I can't find any peace about this. Our people were decapitated and skinned alive, and to see this disembodied head is a reminder of that. It's a sad reminder of the atrocities that took place," said Yenyo.

Monday the Cleveland Indians name and logo lead to a complaint in a Canadian courtroom.

Just hours before the first pitch, the Ontario Superior Court ruled the Indians could wear the team's name and logo while playing the Toronto Blue Jays during Games 3, 4 and 5 of the ALCS.

Many Indians fans said they were happy to hear the ruling.

"It's what represents us, the Indians. I like the logo," said fan Jason Osif.

"I totally sympathize with people who are offended by the logo, but, as Clevelanders, it's kind of hard to relate just because it's how we grew up. It's what's always been in town," said Harwani.

Yenyo called the ruling disappointing. He said he hopes the complaint starts conversation.

"It's really great to see other people getting involved to have this change," he said. "We're still going to keep fighting. It's who we are."

Douglas Cardinal, the Canadian activist who filed the injunction, released a statement Monday evening after the ruling came down. It said, in part, "I am deeply disappointed in the court's ruling, however, today was a victory in that we have elevated awareness of this serious issue at a national -- and even international -- level... I hope that, one day, the Cleveland team's ownership will realize that its racist name and logo has got to go – entirely."

The American Indians Movement of Ohio plans to hold demonstrations in downtown Cleveland the next time the team is playing in town. Yenyo said, if the team makes it to the World Series, there will be a presence from the group outside Progressive Field.

The Ontario Superior Court Justice who dismissed the application said he would give reasons for the decision at a later date.

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