Bauer, Ramirez joke about pitcher's injured pinky finger

Bauer's injured pinky forces him to leave Game 3

TORONTO, ONTARIO (WOIO)- Trevor Bauer and the rest of the Indians are already making jokes about the pitcher's injured pinky finger.

Bauer was pulled from Game 3 after 21 pitches when his finger, which he injured while working with a drone last week, started bleeding on the mound. The team still came out victorious, winning 4-2 for a 3-0 record against the Toronto Blue Jays in the ALCS.

Bauer tweeted shortly after the game ended with a dig at Blue Jays fans, who cheered when he left the game bleeding. He also requested that someone "crying Jordan" the now-famous picture of his bleeding finger, which teammate Jose Ramirez was happy to help with.

A Reddit user also put together a Vine, for full video glory.

Bauer's pinky already has multiple Twitter parody accounts, because, you know, the Internet.


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