6-year-old remembers reindeer and chicken from Cleveland kidnapping

FBI wants public to take a close look at surveillance video in Cleveland kidnapping

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - The FBI continues to search for a man who kidnapped a Cleveland girl and attempted to kidnap another child in Elyria.

Investigators have been searching for months for the person who kidnapped a Cleveland girl and attempted to kidnap a girl sleeping in her Elyria home.

Surveillance video showed the suspect walking near the house of the six-year-old girl police say he kidnapped on W. 104th Street in Cleveland and taken to a location.

In a CNN interview, FBI Special Agent Vicki Anderson is urging the public to take a look at the surveillance videos and look closely at the man and the car.

Anderson said the little girl does remember some things about that day very vividly.

"She did indicate there were moose or reindeer on the wall. She called them reindeer. She described it as a wall covering. We're unsure, does that mean a mural on the wall, does that mean wallpaper? She did say they weren't pictures. She did indicate there was a woman in the house. This woman cooked chicken. She actually burned it because she smelled it and that the woman yelled to the guy who had her and asked if he wanted something to eat," said Anderson.

FBI agents are focusing on Buffalo, Detroit, Columbus, and Cincinnati. FBI special agent Donna Sullivan says authorities are sending out information on this case through social media and putting up billboards in Indiana, Michigan, Pennsylvania and New York.

Investigators say the suspect travels to the Cleveland area, but they don't know if he stays here.

The father of the Elyria girl who was nearly abducted in February said they have a hard time sleeping since no one has been caught.

A reward of up to $20,000 dollars is available for information that leads to an arrest in the case.

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