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Attorney allegedly accepted bribe while at restaurant next to police department

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An attorney has been indicted on charges of bribery and obstructing justice after allegedly accepting a bribe from a defendant to stop a domestic violence victim from testifying against him. 

Police say that Kevin Radke offered to bribe attorney Jared Wilson, 33, in exchange for getting Kayla Pupo to recant allegations of domestic violence against him. They say that Radke gave Wilson $1,000, with an agreement to pay him $4,000 more at a later date.

Wilson was supposed to help Pupo write an affidavit changing her domestic violence story, then ensure she would "disappear" and be unable to be subpoenaed. 

The entire transaction allegedly happened on Oct. 17 in a restaurant next door to the Solon Police Department. Wilson was arrested after officers monitored the conversation and observed cash changing hands. 

“Attorneys have a responsibility to pursue justice, but in this case, an attorney agreed to take cash to make a witness disappear and be unavailable for court,” said Assistant Prosecuting Attorney Matthew Meyer, head of the Public Corruption Unit in the Cuyahoga County Prosecutor’s Office, in a statement. “Now, the attorney is going to get his own day in court.”

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