Investigative Unit fact checks the final presidential debate

Investigative Unit fact checks the final presidential debate

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - The third and final presidential debate kicked off at 9 p.m. from Las Vegas, Nevada. The Cleveland 19 News Investigative Unit fact checked the debate.

Here are some of the topics discussed:

Supreme Court

Here's the list of the SC Justice candidates Trump published online

2nd Amendment

Clinton said there are 33,000 violent gun deaths a year. That number is 11,000 murders, and 21,000 suicides. So yes there are 33,000 gun deaths, but not all criminal.


Hillary Clinton says she supports a woman's right to undergo a late-term abortion, saying "the United States government shouldn't be stepping in" on "the most-personal" of decisions.
Clinton says current federal law protects "partial-birth" abortion and she would keep it that way as President. She says she has met women undergoing the "heartbreaking" procedure for health reasons.
Donald Trump says, "I think it's terrible." He is likening partial-birth abortions to allowing women to "rip the baby out of the womb" in the ninth month or even on the last day of pregnancy.

Donald Trump has said that if several more justices he appoints make it to the court that Roe V Wade will likely be overturned.


Hillary Clinton says Donald Trump "choked" during a meeting with the Mexican president when he failed to bring up his own plan to build a border wall and make Mexico pay for it.

Clinton says she voted for border security and believes the U.S. is a country of laws, but also a nation of immigrants.
She said she's against ripping families apart, noting that there are an estimated 11 million unauthorized immigrants in the country who have 4 million American-citizen children.
She is portraying Trump's deportation plan as a logistical nightmare, saying it would force a "massive law enforcement presence" and require shipping people from the country in trains and buses.
She says she would push for an immigration reform plan within her first 100 days of office.

Trump's claim of Hillary wanting to build a wall is partially true. Clinton voted for a bill that would have built a 700-mile fence.

U.S.- Russia relations and Economy

The candidates for President have quarreled over Moscow's influence in the presidential campaign. Hillary Clinton charged that Donald Trump has been a "puppet" for Russian leader Vladimir Putin and condones what intelligence officials say is Russian intrusion. Trump countered that he doesn't know Putin and that Clinton dislikes the Russian leader because he has outsmarted the former Secretary of State and President Barack Obama.

Trump told moderator Chris Wallace in April that other countries should be able to defend themselves "with nukes."

"You're not going to find a quote from me" says Trump about allowing other countries to have nuclear weapons.


PolitiFact says Hillary's claim that Obama cut deficit by 2/3rds is mostly true, but that is the deficit not the total debt.

Washington Post says Trump's claim of $6 billion lost at the State Department was mostly missing accounting paperwork not dollars.

Over a 15-year period in the United States, 3.2 million jobs were lost to China alone.

Will The Candidates Accept the Election Results

The Republican nominee was asked if he will accept result of presidential election, Donald Trump says, 'I will look at it at the time.'

Foreign Hot Spots

Trump again denying that he supported the war in Iraq. He said "wrong" but fact check found that he did.


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