Misplaced barrels cause several accidents on W. 130th, business owner says

Misplaced barrels cause several accidents on W. 130th, business owner says

DOWNTOWN CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Along W. 130th, construction barrels line the street. Business owners nearby say part of a missing sidewalk triggered a handful of accidents Tuesday.

One driver says the traffic barrels were placed in a way that made it seem safe to drive through. As he was leaving the parking lot Tuesday night, he drove down in to it which caused damage to his car.

"The whole car just fell inside the ditch," he said. "They didn't have none of this stuff they just put up -- no caution signs. It just looked like you could ride through it. I had to pay a tow truck to pull it out. I gotta pay for it out of pocket out of my own money."

Mo Dayem owns the Giant Mart near the ditch.

"When you're not used to a lot being over there and you're used to pulling out of this parking lot multiple times a day you just don't expect it. We've had about six accidents involving vehicles as well as pedestrians," said Dayem.

Dayem and Aire Fiek, who owns "Planet of the Vapes" next door, said when the city removed the sidewalk apron they were concerned that there wasn't enough signage to warn drivers, but they say they were ignored.

"We're paying for these roads to get done we're happy that they're finally getting down, but not in this matter," said Fiek.

Ward 16 Councilman Brian Kazy sent a statement regarding the matter:

Driving in any construction zone requires extra attention. It is very unfortunate that this project has resulted in any inconvenience to residents, businesses or visitors to West 130th. This situation was brought to my attention this afternoon and I am working with the City, Cuyahoga County and the contractors to address the situation. We are looking into the legalities as to who may possibly be responsible for any or all damages. Should anyone need assistance, please reach out to me or my office at 216-664-2942.

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