Cuyahoga County Election Board ups security after Trump's 'rigged' remarks

Cuyahoga County Election Board ups security after Trump's 'rigged' remarks

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Cuyahoga County Election officials are taking action after Donald Trump's remarks claiming the elections are rigged, beefing up security around polling sites.

Election officials say extra police patrols will be circling around voting locations and they will be on alert for any issues. They want you to know the election results will be accurate, and that hacking into their system is nearly impossible.

"It's kind of reckless comments to me, and it's dangerous. Because it undermines the integrity of the election," said Pat McDonald, the director of the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections.

McDonald, a Republican, says the integrity of the election is their top priority. They're working with the Department of Homeland Security and local police.

"We have put extra security in place, we are working with the impact unit from the county sheriff's office who has ensured us that they have rapid response if there are any calls of problems at the polling locations," McDonald said.

McDonald says "rovers" will be assigned to some polling locations to make sure any campaigners and observers stay back 100 feet as required by law.

We wanted to know -- how likely is it that the elections could actually be rigged?

"It's very unlikely. Our tabulation system is not hooked up to the internet. There's no way anyone can hack the vote tabulation," McDonald said.

McDonald says he doesn't want people to lose faith in the election system, part of the foundation of our democracy. He worries it could lead to low voter turnout.

"The only way that somebody could actually manipulate or rig an election, they would have to be physically in front of our tabulation server, and at that point we have cameras, we have security guards, we have bipartisan teams. So there's virtually no way that anyone could hack into our system," McDonald said.

The election board holds a post-election audit so officials say any discrepancies from election night would be caught.

Right now election officials estimate there will be up to 700 official observers at the polls. About 300 Republicans and more than 300 Democrats have been trained at this point. These observers must file for official status as well as undergo training to make sure they know their role. They can observe voting and raise any concerns to officials, but they cannot intervene themselves.

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