The secondary market for World Series tickets has gotten obscene

World Series ticket prices averaging $3,500 on secondary market

DOWNTOWN CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Talk about high demand -- tickets for World Series games in Cleveland sold out in just 12 minutes Thursday morning. So if you want to go to one of the games at Progressive Field, you better get ready to shell out some serious cash.

The price of Indians World Series Tickets on the secondary market has gotten obscene.

Keep in mind, when the Indians box office sold a limited number of tickets to the public the standing room only tickets were originally $100 before taxes and fees. Now, on Stub Hub, those same tickets are going for about $900.

The nose-bleed upper deck seats, sold by the Indians, about $200. On Stub Hub those seats are going for about $1,100.

Part of the reason for the super inflation could be blamed on Cubs fans. Some who are selling their tickets at outrageous prices may be hoping the Cubs end up in the World Series so their fans come to Cleveland and buy up tickets. And for those of you who were thinking about heading to Chicago to catch the games there, you better have a bigger wallet. Standing room only tickets at Wrigley Field are already listed at about $2,400.


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