'Major League' or 'Rookie of the Year'? Indians, Cubs battle in pop culture

'Major League' or 'Rookie of the Year'? Indians, Cubs battle in pop culture

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - The Chicago Cubs will be facing off against the Cleveland Indians in the World Series starting tomorrow, but the real battle being waged between the teams is which wins at pop culture.

The Indians were famously featured in "Major League," the 1989 film starring Tom Berenger and Charlie Sheen, while the Cubs got their time in the sun in 1993 with "Rookie of the Year," starring Thomas Ian Nicholas and Gary Busey.

(Fun fact: "The Middle" and "Scrubs" actor Neil Flynn appeared in both: as the Cubs first baseman in "Rookie" and a local Clevelander in "Major League.")

If you ask Rotten Tomatoes, "Major League" wins hands down-- the film earned an 82 percent in aggregate critic reviews to "Rookie of the Year"'s 39 percent.

Which movie do you think is better? Tell us on Facebook.


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