You know you're a true Cleveland Indians fan when ...

You know you're a true Cleveland Indians fan when ...

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - The Cleveland Indians will play the Chicago Cubs in hopes of becoming 2016 World Series champions -- a title the Tribe hasn't had since 1948.

Game 1 of the World Series is Tuesday Oct. 25 at Progressive Field at 8 p.m. -- but you knew that because if you're reading this you're a true Indians fan. That's why the following list will scream "That's so me!"

1. You know Ketchup always cheats.

2. When someone says "John Adams" your first thought isn't about our second U.S. President.

3. "Miller Time" is not a phrase primarily associated with beer.

4. We all want to party at Napoli's.

5. This sound means so much more than getting an extra coin on Mario.

6. We have no idea what this thing is but we love him.

7. There is only one mustard to put on hot dogs -- brown mustard. (You also know that Progressive Field only has Bertman Mustard, not Stadium and you always like one or the other better.)

8. Make no mistake, it'll always be "The Jake."

9. The corner of Carnegie and Ontario is so much more than a Cleveland intersection thanks to Tom Hamilton.

10. You know this is the best beer guy.

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