Indians World Series win, 68 years later

Indians World Series win, 68 years later
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CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - When you get the chance to actually talk to someone who was alive the last time the Indians won the World Series you simply sit and listen.
And when he brings along a book of clipped history it's pretty spectacular.
"This is all from 1948," Gino Summa says as he flips through a massive album of newspaper clippings. Summa was 10 in 1948.

"The thing I remember the most, it was such a great time to be alive for youngsters, for anybody," said Summa.

The scrapbook is at least five inches thick and it's his massive book of memories, of which he is very proud.

"I was a young kid then, we didn't have a lot of money so we found things to do even though we don't have any money."

So he started clipping articles.

"I just started doing it one day and it got easier and easier and easier to do is to cut it out."

In 1948 there were still three Cleveland newspapers for Summa to clip. With each page he flips, Summa reads a new headline out loud.

"Indians win first pennant in 28 years."

And one of his brightest memories was the parade to celebrate.

"It was such a wonderful time and Cleveland probably to this day never seen a parade like they had in 1948. The parade, I was at the parade, everybody was at the parade and everybody was dressed in their Sunday best. Men in hats, women dressed up like you wouldn't believe and it was five miles long. It was from the terminal tower all the way to University Circle."

Little did he know that 1948 title would be the last.

"No, I don't see how anyone could think that because the Indians were so good. But it's been a long, long run."

But now history is back knocking on Cleveland's door.

"I'd love to see the Indians take it all because hopefully we'll have another five mile parade," Summa said with a laugh.

The major difference for Summa this time around is that he'll be watching the World Series on TV, not listening on the radio.


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