2nd grader brings luck to Indians shortstop Francisco Lindor

2nd grader offers Lindor lucky penny

MCDONALD, OH (WOIO) - A lesson in letter writing turned into an unforgettable experience for students near Youngstown.

A second grader from Roosevelt Elementary in McDonald, Ohio, is one lucky girl.

Mia Starnes, 7, penciled a letter to Indians shortstop Francisco Lindor before Game 1 of the American League Championship Series and she included a penny.

"I read the letter.  She said put this penny in your pocket. I thought, all right," said Lindor.

#12 now keeps the penny in his pocket for every game.

"Not in practice, not walking around, but every game it's in my pocket," said Lindor.

And it is bringing him luck. Lindor hit a 2-run homer in Game 1 against the Toronto Blue Jays.

Just the thought of Lindor, keeping her penny in his pocket, makes Mia smile.  In fact, that's her favorite thing about her favorite player.

"I like his smile," said Mia.

"She put a smile on my face and a lot of people's faces with that little bit of luck. I helped my teammates and she's making a lot of people happy right now," said Lindor.

Mia's teacher had no idea the lesson would have this kind of impact.

"I think she will remember this for the rest of her life," said teacher, Ally Thompson.


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