Cavaliers championship rings show team's journey

Cavaliers championship rings tell journey

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - The Cleveland Cavaliers received their championship rings Tuesday night. The rings tell a story of the team's journey to an NBA title.

The phrase "WORLD CHAMPIONS" is proudly displayed along the top and bottom. Each letter is framed in diamonds, using a total of 216 diamonds to represent Cleveland's area code. A one carat diamond sits atop the trophy to represent the team's first-ever NBA championship.

The Cleveland skyline is on one side of the ring.

The interior of the ring has 7 gems to represent the NBA Finals games and the order they were won. Three white diamonds represent the 3 games the Golden State Warriors won and 4 wine-colored diamonds to represent the Cavs victories.

Also on the inside of the ring: Automatic, work.

"We have a saying here with my brothers: Automatic on 3, work on 6. That's just a true testament that brings us together. It's something we all came up with last year," LeBron James said.

The ring, with 400 diamonds, is the heaviest NBA championship ring ever made.

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