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Looking to bring a family of four to a World Series game? Buy a house instead

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If you're a Chicago Cubs or Cleveland Indians fan, you may have visited StubHub.com this week. If you've visited StubHub.com this week, you might have done a spit take after seeing some of the World Series ticket prices.

Take, for example, this particular sale noted by ESPN sports and business reporter Darren Rovell on Monday.

That's a lot of cheddar.

We thought it be fun to see how far you could stretch $64,000 in northeast Ohio.

1) For starters, you could buy at least 25,000 Swenson's cheeseburgers.

2) You could buy this house in Newburgh Heights, and still have a little leftover for more Swenson's cheeseburgers.

3) You could buy really good Indians season tickets for at least the next nine years.

(According to MLB.com, a Diamond Box full season plan -- 81 games -- is priced at $6,538)

4) You may not be able to buy Progressive Field and change the name back to Jacob's Field, but you could buy more than 2,100 shares of Progressive Corp.

(Listed at $31.98 a share Wednesday afternoon)

5) You could make sure John Adams is never without a bass drum in the bleachers (with a purchase of at least 40 drums from the Sonor Vintage Series).

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