Noisy school HVAC distracting students, Lakewood residents

Noisy school HVAC distracting students, Lakewood residents

LAKEWOOD, OH (WOIO) - When students returned to school at Roosevelt School in Lakewood, they returned to a beautiful new building. But it wasn't perfect.

The air conditioning unit was far too loud. Cleveland 19 used an app to measure the sound level, and it was 80 decibels. That is roughly comparable to highway traffic.

Temperatures were hot, so there was no turning it off.

The noise the massive unit generated was distracting for everyone, including neighbor Dan Scherzer.

"I made two police reports and they said they would turn it over to the school and they would do something," he said. "But they never did."

Cleveland 19 pointed the problem out on Aug. 29. Lakewood's building department had studied the problem and said they were eager for the school board to have construction completed and the unit fixed. The school's construction manager agreed and proposed a gate for the front of the enclosure. At the time, it was back ordered. He thought it would be in a a month or so. It has been seven weeks now.

But HVAC workers were at the school this week, and have been out there every day for the last couple weeks. Lakewood schools confirm they think one of two compressors on a chiller unit was not working properly. It's being replaced and the hope is it fixes the problem.

"It is still pretty loud, I hear it every day," said Scherzer.

The sound-deadening enclosure gate won't be delivered until mid November. But if repairs work, no harm no foul. And it's getting colder.

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