Local shop catches Tribe fever, pumps out pierogies with ballpark twist

Local shop catches Tribe fever, pumps out pierogies with ballpark twist

PARMA, OH (WOIO) - A local bakery is adding a ballpark twist to a Cleveland favorite.

Rudy's Bakery in Parma started selling "Ball Park" Pierogies on Thursday. Rudy's has been in Cleveland since 1948, the same year the Indians last won the World Series.

The owner, Lidia Trempe, is excited and extremely busy. Since she rolled out the Ball Park pierogies, Indians fans have been chowing down.

"We're so excited for the World Series! We sold out yesterday right away, today we're doing 125 dozen," said Trempe.

Indians fans like Natalie Cole made sure to call in early.

"They ran out yesterday so I had to hurry up and call and make an order so I could get them today," said Cole.

Trempe says now is the perfect time to create what she calls Cleveland rolled into a pierogi.

"So what we do is get bratwurst from Cleveland sausage shop, and we mix that with Cleveland's own Ball Park mustard then we boil down with beer from the Brick in Barrel in downtown Cleveland, and then as a finish we have ballpark mustard infused sour cream," said Trempe.

Bertman president Randy Mintz says the Trempe using their mustard symbolizes Clevelanders banding together during an iconic time.

"The whole town is just coming together so this could be a very excited World Series we're just getting so hang on to your seats there's more to come," said Mintz.

Trempe says there are more pierogies to come, too. She wants to make sure that everyone who wants a taste gets a chance for the series and beyond.

"When we are in the championship parade I'm going to be there with pierogi with Ball Park mustard in my babushka -- come and find me because I know we're going to the parade," said Trempe.

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