Indians fans tough to find ahead of Game 3 in Chicago

Indians fans tough to find ahead of Game 3 in Chicago

Chicago, IL - Cubs fans surrounded Wrigley Field all day Friday, but barely any Cleveland Indians red could be spotted in the crowds of Chicago blue.

"I do (feel outnumbered), but the thing is, it's the Tribe. It's great to be here as an Indians fan. It's great to be at the World Series and hoping, just like the Cubs fans, that once in my lifetime that I get to see a victory," said Indians fan David Walusis.

No matter what team people root for, they all want the same thing: a World Series victory for their deserving team.

"You gotta understand, this is a cult, being a Cubs fan, and when you've had a bad century. Cleveland's got to wait. It's only been 60 or 70 years," said Cubs fan Bob Flint.

It's been 68 years to be exact since Cleveland won the World Series. But, to be fair, Cubs fans have waited quite a bit longer.

"We've been waiting over 100 years for this, so a lot of people have been saving their money for this moment," said Cubs fan David Caruso.

Cubs fans said that's why they think Indians fans are so much more outnumbered in Chicago than Cubs fans were in Cleveland.

"It was a tough ticket and lot more expensive than it was in Cleveland, if I understand," said Cubs fan Greg Sapb.

Even some people who live in Ohio, like George Beyer, 91, said they're rooting for the Cubs. He went to the 1945 World Series.

"Seventy-one years ago I went to Opening Day in Detroit at the stadium," said Beyer. "I've been waiting since then to get back, and this is really an exciting day."

Even though they're tough to find in the crowd, Indians fans said they're also excited for Game 3.

"I hope Indians fans come out in droves (Friday night), because I want to cheer them on with not just Cubs fans booing in my face," said Indians fan Caitlin Klavunde.

Tribe fans are also expected to be greatly outnumbered inside Wrigley Field during Game 3 of the World Series.

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