Chicago feeling the pain this time, courtesy of...Cleveland!

Chicago feeling the pain this time, courtesy of...Cleveland!

CHICAGO (WOIO) - Anyone who remembers the Michael Jordan-led Bulls torturing the Cavaliers back in the day (and Craig Ehlo isn't the only one) surely feels the sweet sting of revenge in this series, but the question is...if and when the Indians put away the Cubs and win their first World Series in 68 years (and extend the Cubs' drought for at least 109 years), will the city of Chicago actually feel the pain that Clevelanders felt for so many years? The answer is yes. Which surprised me.

The friendly Uber driver taking us back to the hotel from Wrigley Field following Game 4 joked, "We're not going to be around when it actually happens for us - in 100 years." And other Chicagoans told us (following the Indians' 7-2 win that put 'em up 3-1 in the Series) that yep, a potential failure in this World Series hurts enough to offset the many other championships this city has racked up over the years. 

Think about that. The Blackhawks have won three Stanley Cups in the past seven years. The Bulls have their six NBA titles thanks to Michael. OK, Da Bears haven't won a Super Bowl in 30 years, but it's still a football town, right? No. Not according to the people we talked with. 

This is a Cubs town. Much of that has to do with the nostalgic identity of being a Lovable Loser. And some of that has to with it being one of the hottest tickets in town. It's simply hip to be a Cubs fan. The White Sox, across town, won the World Series in 2005. But there's no comparison. Their crowd doesn't drive BMW's and attract Bill Murray, John Cusack, Vince Vaughn, etc. 

So if and when the Tribe completes one of the most incredible runs to a World Series title that any of us can remember (excellent pitching stifling the Red Sox, Blue Jays and Cubs...three teams that thrive on putting up big numbers), the city of Chicago
will hurt.

Much like the city of Cleveland hurt. For far too long. Of course, those days are gone. Cleveland has become a City of Champions, each title carrying a special story along the way (Stipe Miocic, the Monsters, LeBron and the Cavs, and soon...the Indians).

Northeast Ohio deserves everything it is getting. And if other cities, like Chicago, are paying the price for these rewards? So be it. They can deal with it. And if they can't, tell 'em to call us. We can walk 'em through it.

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